We need to talk about Justin Bieber

Does this mean we’re beliebers?

His new album, Purpose, is actually straight fire; it’s a heartfelt message. The point he wants to convey is obviously along the lines of – “I’m only human and I know I’ve messed up”. And it’s clear to see he’s matured musically, and personally.

Working with the great Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, Diplo and more has helped produceĀ an amazing sound. The guy is just trying to get rid of the massive stigma surrounding him, and with this album he may just be getting there. No matter what you think of him there is no denying – the boy can saaaang.

Our favourite tracks are Sorry, What Do You Mean?, I’ll Show You, No Sense, No Pressure and Life Is Worth Living. He’s also casually dropped 13 new music videos you might wanna check out.

It’s the kind of music he really suits, he should have been doing this all along!!

Purpose is worth a listen.


We’ve been away

So we may or may not have forgotten our password…

Hence why we have only just been able to update the blog about Barcelona!

Our bad.

But it was amazing, a beautiful city with such gorgeous architecture and great galleries. Night life was incredible! Worth the hype? Yes, but you definitely felt the presence of many English tourists…so if you can, it’s nice to go places that aren’t such tourist “hotspots”.

Check out our gallery for some pics šŸ™‚