London by night

Took a trip to Victoria, ended walking to London Waterloo so took a few photo’s of beautiful London at night…


So pretty!! We love our city


Happy 2016!


We’re already over a week into 2016, and surely most of us have been thinking about New Years Resolutions…some may have even given up already! (tut tut)

But we’re here with our top 8 resolutions that we really want to stick to for a healthy, fun and exciting year.

  1. Eat clean – Yes, we know, clean eating is a bit blah blah blah, we are the WORST for sticking at it. But it’s easier when you have a partner or a friend who is looking to change their diet too. We want to start feeling good on the inside as well as looking good (as far as we can manage) on the outside…
  2. Carry on with gym – Which brings us onto the dreaded 3 letter word. Seriously though, last year we were on a major mission, going to the gym 4/5 times a week! And we actually enjoyed it?! As the year progressed we started slacking, this year we’re going to pick up the pace again!
  3. Let go – Sounds deep and kind of intense, but letting go of negativity in your life is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. Whether this be letting go of any negative people in your life, moving on from someone, or – perhaps a bit more scary- leaving a job you’re unhappy with. Life is too short to carry negativity around with us so this year we’re trying to let it go (sorry if you now have Frozen in your head…..and sorry if you actually didn’t but now you have).
  4. Travel more – We both adore travelling, visiting new places and exploring. This year we are desperate to carry on visiting some awesome places around the world.
  5. Post here more! – One of us posts more than the other…*me* but overall our presence here sucks so we will definitely be posting more this year 🙂
  6. Sleep more…also less – HOW DOES THAT WORK?! I hear you cry. Day napping? guilty. Not able to sleep at night as a result? guilty. Less sleeping during the day for a longer more satisfying sleep at night!
  7. Look after ourselves – It’s easy to forget that we need to look after ourselves; bodies, mind and soul. This year we want to focus on making sure we take care of ourselves.
  8. Get our shit together – Last but not least…this year is a big year for us as it’s our last year at uni. It’s time to figure out what we want to do after! And work hard in our independent projects!



Just a little pic of us last night!

So there are our resolutions. We’ll let you know how we get on…

C x


We’ve been away

So we may or may not have forgotten our password…

Hence why we have only just been able to update the blog about Barcelona!

Our bad.

But it was amazing, a beautiful city with such gorgeous architecture and great galleries. Night life was incredible! Worth the hype? Yes, but you definitely felt the presence of many English tourists…so if you can, it’s nice to go places that aren’t such tourist “hotspots”.

Check out our gallery for some pics 🙂

Everyone’s going to Barcelona!


It has come to our attention that every human being on this planet is headed (or has already been) to Barcelona this summer.

Though modern day classics like Ibiza, Magaluf and Malia are still firm favourites…it seems Barcelona is like their sophisticated, more fun older brother.

Not ones to miss out, we’ll be heading there for a couple of days in September. If you are part of the 1% of England that haven’t been to Barcelona then allow us to tell you exactly what you are missing out on. Is it really worth the hype? Stay tuned!